Barstool buying guide

Barstool buying guide- Which is the best stool style for your bar?

Dining counters and breakfast bars have gained high popularity in recent years. Due to this trend, the sale of barstools is on the rise. So, which stools should you buy for your bar? You want to let your customers sit down at your bar and have their drinks. The seats of barstools are slightly at a higher level when compared to counter stools. Barstools for commercial and residential uses are available in different types. Let us provide you with a barstool buying guide. We have introduced you to various types of barstools. Based on your needs, you can buy the right furniture pieces. 

Barstool buying guide

Folding barstools

As they have a foldable design, you can store these barstools easily. So, when you do not need them, you can free up space. Although these stools are intended for bars, you can use them for other purposes. For instance, you can add some extra seats around your kitchen by placing these foldable stools. They have a backless design made of sturdy materials. But be careful while refolding or unfolding them. Your fingers may get trapped. 

Swivel Bar Stool

The swiveling mechanism means you will be able to twist the seat around. You need these swivel barstools in different scenarios. For instance, when you need to entertain guests around you, it is essential to see those people in different directions. The swiveling technology integrated into barstools helps you face any direction. However, children should avoid using the swiveling stools, as they can lose balance and fall off the seat accidentally.

Barstools with an adjustable height

These customizable barstools have become a popular and versatile choice. You can raise or lower the height based on your convenience. By lowering the height, you may use the stool as an additional seat around your dining table.

The most significant advantage is that as the seat height is adjustable, it can be used by users of any height. They can also bend their knees at a comfortable angle. There is a lever to let the air get in and out of the valve. That is why these stools are also referred to as gas lift barstools. 

Backless barstools

As the name suggests, backless barstools have no backrest but have a level seat. The flat seat has made the stool a great choice. There is no back or front side. Although the stool does not swivel, you will have no problem. You may turn your body in any direction. Backless barstools can be the right option for casual seating in informal bars and pubs. However, some backless stools have molded seats; you may not be able to use them from any angle.

Moreover, these backless models are a cost-effective choice. But, they are not suited for kids who have a chance of leaning backward.

4-Legged Bar Stools

Like standard stools, these barstools have 4 legs to create a square shape. Each of the legs is attached to the square’s corner. But, the seat may be round or square depending on the stool’s design. Known for their high stability, these stools have a highly traditional style. Some models have 4 chunky wooden legs, while others have a minimalist metal design. You may also find 4 legs joined together using a horizontal step. This horizontal rod acts as a footrest.

Pedestal Bar Stools

There is a pole to sustain the seat of the pedestal stools. The seat remains attached to the base. Most pedestal bar stools have a circular base, but you may also find them in other shapes. The base size should match the seat size to maintain a proper balance. Pedestal bar stools come with a swivel feature. 

As these pedestal stools do not have multiple legs, there is no risk of getting them intertwined. But, one demerit is that the base can consume more floor space. Furthermore, pedestal bar stools are comparatively heavier, and you need to make an effort to move them to another place. Besides, you cannot stack a pedestal barstool over another stool. If you do not bother with these negative sides, you can invest in pedestal stools for your bar.

In the barstool buying guide, we have provided the names of some commonly chosen barstool styles.

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