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3 Billiards Shooting Tips to Improve Your Pool Game

Billiards shooting tips

You can only get better at your pool game if you practice the right strokes. We have just the right shots that will help you take your pool game to the next level. Practice these three shots to gain an edge in the game. Play the Rail Shot for Balls Next to the Rail You […]

How Knowing and Applying Physics Gives You an Advantage Playing Pool

Playing Pool

Billiards (or pool) is a popular game played all over the world. Did you know that knowing some physics can give you an advantage when playing pool? While the laws of Physics can be skillfully applied in a wide range of sports and games, their knowledge and deft application can become decisive in a sport […]

7 Tips Which Will Help You Focus in Your Pool Game

Pool Game

Always fidgeting when it’s your turn to play pool? Lack of focus will make you struggle to aim and pot the ball. Here are seven simple tips which are tried and tested based on the first-hand account of those who are relatively newer to the game, as well as the seasoned ones, which you should […]

Pool Table Etiquette You Need to Follow

Pool Table Etiquette

When playing pool, it is important to have proper etiquette to avoid stepping on other players’ toes. During a game, emotions can run high and result in shouting, slaps, broken bottles, and other unwanted outcomes. When playing in a bar, maintain your cool and playing etiquette to ensure everyone at the table has a great […]

The Importance of Valuing Your Opponent In a Pool Game

Pool Game

What’s a game without an opponent? How can you play pool without another player on the table? Without an opponent, there is no way you can play and enjoy pool. Playing pool is more than just putting balls in the pockets. Strategy and luck play an important role in the game. Your goal at the […]

Pool Playing: Classic Tips for Positioning the Cue Ball

Cue Ball

How you position the pool cue ball greatly determines whether you will hit or miss a shot. Mastering the correct positioning will take you far in the game. Here are some classic tips you should follow to increase your chances of winning a game of billiards. Pace the ball instead of chasing it. Consider the […]

Tips for Playing a Defensive Shot In Pool

Shot In Pool

When playing pool, all your shots should help you win the game. Sometimes, you will have to play defensive. This simply means playing your shots in such a way that your opponent will be left with a difficult shot when playing next. Here are some examples of defensive shots: Leaving your opponent a long difficult […]

10 Essential Billiard Pool Tips No Beginner Can Do Without

Billiard Pool Tips

If you are a beginner at playing billiards, you may wonder how long it will take for you to get to an intermediate or pro level. The truth is that your dedication to practice is what will determine how quickly you will master billiards. However, you cannot ignore some basic rules, if you want to […]

Basic Instructions for Playing Billiards and Snooker

Billiards and Snooker

Elvis Presley. Elizabeth Taylor. Babe Ruth. Janis Joplin. All are among the most beloved American superstars–and all loved billiards and snooker. Yes, billiards and snooker could both easily be considered America’s favorite pastime. Both require strategic thinking, touch and the ability to out-smart and out-perform your opponent. But do you really know the rules? Or […]

5 Exercises That Will Make You A Better Pool Player Off The Table

Exercises for Pool Player

Are you trying to improve your pool skills but all the drills, matches, and tournaments you’ve been participating in don’t seem to have any impact? If so, change your strategy. Getting better at pool requires more than just practicing shots. Here are five exercises you can pursue off the table to improve your plays. Get […]

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