Pool Table Services

pool table services

Buying a pool table is only the first step. Maintaining that table requires a life of caretaking. However, table owners don’t have to do all the work themselves. With pool table services available, they can turn the chores of pool table care to professionals to get well-cared-for tables that last longer and play better. Pool […]

Outdoor Pool Tables to Withstand Weather

outdoor pool table

Playing pool under the sun on a warm day is an experience that does not have a parallel. However, pool tables have very specific requirements for storage conditions. Therefore, not just any table will work for playing pool outside. Specially designed outdoor pool tables overcome the problems that standard tables have with the elements. How […]

How to Choose a Pool Cue for Your Playing Style

Choosing a pool cue for play at a bar doesn’t matter beyond a single game. However, if you want to choose a pool cue for purchase, you need to plan carefully to ensure that you find a cue to match your playing style and needs. Know the Type of Feel That You Need from the […]

Home Bars for Game Rooms

Home bars

Game rooms are ideal places to relax. However, for full relaxation, all human comforts need to stay close at hand. Therefore, home bars are integral components of many home game rooms and rec areas. These bars range from traditional to contemporary styles and allow a perfect place for storing and serving drinks in a game […]

Cue Racks to Match Pool Table Designs

When selecting pool room furnishings, they should match the central piece of the room, the pool table. Matching the design style is especially important for furnishings and accessories used for playing pool. Luckily, cue racks to match pool table designs exist to make furnishing a game room less filled with choices. Cue Racks to Match […]

Yes, We’re Open! Shop at A&C Billiards and Barstools for an In-Person Pool Table Store

Many people browse through our online store daily at A&C Billiards and Barstools. But, did you know that we also have an in-person store where you can see the pool tables and more that we sell? Yes, restrictions remain in place in California, and you can keep track of the latest closure requirements online. However, […]

Stylish Game Tables

Game Tables

Most people think of game tables as practical pieces for hiding away in a garage or game room. However, did you know that stylish game tables exist that you can leave in your home’s living area? These tables make a fashionable statement in any space while offering the chance for an impromptu game at any […]

Spotlight on Our Bestselling, Versatile Logan Pool Table

If you want a pool table that will fit into your lifestyle and adapt to your multitude of needs, you want a multi-use table. While we have several options for these, our most popular is the 3-in-1 Logan Pool Table. Why is this a bestselling table? Find out what makes this option so popular among […]

See Your Next Set of Barstools at Our Southern California Store

Buying furniture online may feel uncomfortable, especially when choosing chairs. If you live near the City of Industry in Southern California, you can see exactly how the barstools look and feel at A&C Billiards and Barstools. We have an open showroom and store in California for our customers to browse as an addition to our […]

What to Do If You Need Pool Cue Repair

If you’re like many pool players, you probably have a favorite cue that you play with. While anyone can play with almost any cue, players typically have a preferred one that matches their playing style and gives them the feedback needed. However, wear and damage to your cue will happen over time. If you need […]

WE ARE OPEN. Come visit our specialty showroom! We are proud to offer a CLEAN & SAFE environment for our staff and guests, with extra sanitation and precautions. You can also call for no contact shopping.