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Attributes to Consider When Choosing a New Pool Cue

Pool cues are not a single-size-fits all option. When purchasing a new cue, there are several attributes that should fall into consideration before making a final decision. These traits of a pool cue differ between brands and types of cue. When choosing a new pool cue, the taper, tip, weight, and length will all play […]

How to Burnish a Pool Cue Shaft: Pool Cue Maintenance Guide

How to Burnish a Pool Cue Shaft: Pool Cue Maintenance Guide

The leather tip of the pool cue stick should be rough to make the chalk stick on it. You should clean the cue stick and oil the tip to keep it in good working order. How to Maintain the Shaft If you have Ash cues, clean those using boiled linseed oil. Use a non-abrasive cloth […]

Cue Stick: Should You Buy a Heavy or a Light One?

Cue Stick

Want to purchase a new cue stick but aren’t sure whether to buy a light or heavy one? There are some things you should consider when looking for the right cue stick. Before buying a cue stick, it’s important to hold it in your hand to get a feel for how it would handle. You should first check its weight and straightness. Finally, you should test the cue stick out on a pool table.

6 Tips That Will Help You Choose the Right Pool Stick

Pool Stick

Shooting pool is a fun and exhilarating experience, but only if you have the right cue stick. Playing pool with a crooked stick or one lacking a tip is frustrating and can cost you many games. To improve your skills and have the most amount of fun on the pool table, use the right stick. […]

A Step By Step Guide to Replace a Pool Cue Tip Yourself

Pool Cue Tip

Is your cue tip worn out and the local repair guy won’t be back before your next tourney? If so, you can replace the tip yourself! Replacing a pool cue tip is easy, even if you have never attempted the task before. All you need is a DIY repair kit. Follow the steps below to […]

Pool Cue Purchase: 6 Things to Consider Beforehand

Pool Cue

From Jason Owen to Peradon cues, Stamford to John Parris cues, choosing the right pool cue for you can be an overwhelming task. To make your work easier, we’ve assembled the top tips you should consider before buying a snooker cue. Tip Size You can play pool with a tip size from 9mm to 11mm. […]

Choosing a Custom Cue: What Experts Think

Custom Cue

Billiards is a game that people all over the world love to play. Mastering it, or even getting good enough to be satisfied with your play, is very difficult for most people. You need every advantage you can get when trying to go from a novice to an intermediate player. Finding the right cue stick […]

How to Choose the Best Pool Cue Case: A Guide

Best Pool Cue Case

You surely love your pool cue stick! After all, you have put a lot of time, effort, and money in searching for a cue stick that finally got in sync with you. The feel of its balance and weight in your hand, and its design and style are all like a perfect match for you […]