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The Many Names of McDermott Cues

With a range of options for beginners to professionals, McDermott Cues has a reputation among pool aficionados for quality and performance. You will find several series under the McDermott brand if you want to stay loyal to the company and invest in a new pool cue. Lucky Cues Lucky cues, indicated by a leading L […]

The Differences in Pool Balls: Can Pool Balls Make a Difference?

Yes, the type of pool balls used for play will make a difference. The longevity of the balls, gameplay, and appearance all depend on the material used to create the pool balls and cue ball. However, not every situation requires the most expensive, tournament-grade balls. Both high-end and economical balls have applications in different scenarios, […]

Matching Pool Table Lights: A Perfect Pair

The perfect pool table lights should complement the décor of the room while offering ideal illumination for play. How many lights and the number of fixtures depends on the size of the pool table. Longer tables require more lighting to prevent creating shadows. Other factors in getting the ideal lighting over a pool table include […]

Cue Shaft Technology and Evolution

Pool cues have come a long way since their origins as basic sticks used to hit balls. Today’s pool cues have multiple variations in their material, length, cue ball deflection, and more. While most players can adjust to any cue, understanding how cue shaft technology and evolution can make choosing a cue that requires the […]

Tips for Installing Pool Table Lighting

Pool Table Lighting

Quality lighting for your pool table is crucial. Proper lighting will ensure that you are not distracted by shadows from the pool balls, table, and any surrounding objects. Moreover, with the appropriate lighting, you will enjoy your game more because you can see every part of the pool table. How High Should You Hang Your […]

Some Guidelines for Choosing the Best Billiards Chalk

Billiards Chalk

Apart from a cue stick, the other essential accessory you will need when playing billiards or pool is chalk. Read on for recommendations of the best pool chalk brands. But first, some basics. What is billiards chalk? Every billiards or pool player knows the chalk. When starting a new game, you probably rub chalk on […]

7 Essential Tools That Are a Must-Have For Pool Players

Pool Players

Billiards is a game that requires a lot of skill and dedication to practice those through shots that are hard to sink when the pressure is on. However, having the right billiards tools makes the game a whole lot easier. You will find below a list of billiards tools that are a must-have to aid […]

Why You Should Be Picky About Pool Ball Weights

Pool Ball Weights

The game of billiards is one people often enjoy over a cold beer with friends or family. It’s also one that people play seriously, taking hours and hours to work on the perfect break or bank shot. If you’re a serious player, or you just want to improve your game, there’s more to playing your […]

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For a Pool Player

Christmas Gift Ideas For a Pool Player

The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year when an aesthetically inclined pool player like you begins to think of a game room makeover. You also think about the Christmas gifts that you would want your friends and family to buy. Talking of your game room makeover first, […]

Get Exclusive Black Friday Deals on Billiards Accessories

Black Friday Deals on Billiards Accessories

Black Friday Deal Is Here! Welcome to A&C Billiards & Barstools, this month we are featuring Black Friday deals and offers on Billiards accessories. This year we have special discounts on incredible products like pool cues, cue racks, barstools, billiards lights, poker table and much more! All the goods listed below come with our special […]