Your Playing Stance Could Affect Your Billiards Game

playing stance

Did you know that how you stand during play could impact your billiards game? If you have found inconsistencies in your accuracy, consider reexamining your playing stance. It could be making a greater difference in your pool game than you think.

Establish Your Playing Stance During a Pre-Shot Routine 

How you prepare your mind and body before you make a shot can make a difference in what happens during your play. Not everyone will have the same set of actions during their pre-shot routine. Therefore, find what works for you and keep it consistent whenever you play.

Some aspects of your pre-shot routine include:

  • Identifying where the cue ball is and where you want it to end up
  • Choosing the type of strike and position of the cue tip on the ball
  • Chalk the cue tip
  • Imagine the shot and how you want to accomplish it
  • Use your mental image of the shot to establish your playing stance in alignment with the shot
  • Make minor adjustments with the cue tip
  • Use a few warm up motions before finally hitting the ball

The pre-shot routine can help you to become more deliberate with your playing. However, the playing stance aspect of this routine is just as critical as visualizing the shot.

Foot Positioning Tips for a Better Playing Stance

Your feet must provide you with even support and alignment when you make a shot. Therefore, you will want to have the foot on the side of your pool cue in line with the shot. The angle of the foot itself can range from a 45-degree angle to a 90-degree angle to the line of the shot. Your second foot should be a little ahead of the other foot, at a 45-degree angle from the location of the back foot.

Many players opt to lock one or both knees for extra stability. However, bending the knees can help to lower your face to become in line with the ball if you are very tall or want to adopt a snooker stance.

The Arms and Pool Cue in Your Playing Stance

The arm holding your cue should be at a 90-degree angle to the cue, and the cue itself should be close to parallel to the table. Other upper body aspects including your shoulders, face, and bridge should all be in a straight, vertical line, perpendicular to the line of the shot. Compared to a snooker playing stance, which allows your face to get closer to the cue and directly behind the shot, a standard pool stance has the arms closer to the body and a more closed format.

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