Why Should You Use a Dedicated Break Cue When Playing Pool?

break cue

Do you really need more than one cue for playing your best game of pool? The answer is yes. A dedicated break cue can help improve your breaks and give you an advantage from the start.

What Is a Break Cue?

Its purpose it to increase the amount of power delivered to the ball during the break. This extra force comes from the cue’s more solid, heavier construction and harder, phenolic tip. When you use this type of cue, you get more speed from the cue ball without having to increase the speed at which you move the cue, making this an excellent choice for newer players who want to get an advantage in their game.

Why Does it Perform Better?

A break cue is heavier, which delivers more force. Additionally, it has a harder phenolic tip that transfers more energy to the cue ball. In fact, this type of cue can be so effective at improving your break that some leagues and tournaments prohibit its use.

Why You Should Switch to Another Cue for Playing

When playing, you should use a standard playing cue. The cue will be lighter and easier to use, and it will not deliver as concentrated a force onto the cue ball. Therefore, you will have more finesse with your shots. Additionally, the phenolic tip can cause damage to a cue ball over a long time. By switching cues after the break, you protect your ball from damage.

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