Why It Is Necessary to Chalk a Pool Stick

Chalk a Pool Stick

You are well-composed. You take an aim, hold your breath and make the shot… but, the cue stick slides on the side of the ball, giving it a weak spin. Oh, you forgot to chalk the stick!

Many pool players know it is necessary to chalk the pool stick. But what is the reason for doing this?

Chalk a Pool Stick

Here is why you should chalk your cue stick when playing.

  1. Add Friction between the Cue Stick and the Ball
    To make a good shot in a game of billiards, there should be friction between the ball and the cue stick. Both the pool stick tip and the ball are round in shape. The cue ball is made from polymer and most cue tips are made from leather or rubber. These two surfaces are very slippery when in contact with each other. Therefore, if you hit the ball without chalking, the stick will slip off the ball prematurely and lead to a miscue.

  2. The chalk is made of a combination of crushed silica and corundum. This material creates friction, leading to a better grip by increasing the motion resistance between the tip and the ball when you take a shot.

  3. Get a Better Spin to the Shot
    Chalking also makes it easier to draw a good shot by allowing the player to but a backspin or a forward spin on the ball. In addition, you can easily add “English” by striking the ball to the right or left of its center.

How to Chalk a Pool Stick

Chalk should be applied lightly and evenly on the cue tip. Avoid twisting the chalk on the tip or grinding the tip on the chalk. Twisting the chalk prevents an even application while grinding will wear down the cue tip.

The best way of chalking is by tilting the cue at an angle and wiping the chalk on the cue tip in a straight, brushing motion. Do this evenly on every part of the cue stick to get the whole tip well layered with chalk. When done, gently tap the stick on a solid surface to shake off any extra chalk.

Applying chalk on the pool cue stick is essential during a game. Applying chalk to the pool cue correctly is essential and can help you improve your game.

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