Why a Slate Pool Table Is Great

slate pool table

Pool tables today have several options for their surfaces. Old-fashioned slate remains a top choice for tables. Professional groups prefer the playability of slate, including the Billiards Congress of America and the World Pool-Billiard Association. Once you try it, you’ll see why a slate pool table is great for playing.


Slate offers unparalleled stability for play. Unlike other options that may warp, a slate surface will not. The rock used to create the slate has lasted in the landscape for thousands of years. It will continue to provide similar stability for a playing surface that doesn’t warp or change.


A slate pool table surface can easily outlast a table with any other surface. Slate is naturally durable, withstanding decades of use as a pool playing surface.

Slate is not impervious to damage despite its durability. Use caution when moving a slate pool table and get professional help with this task. The individual pieces of slate are hefty and can break if dropped during a move


Because slate does not warp, it provides the most consistent playing surface possible. This consistency is why professional playing groups recommend slate for their tournament table surfaces. When you have a properly leveled slate table, it will ensure the balls move properly without the surface impacting their trajectories.

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