Which Matters More to Your Pool Game: Tools vs. Techniques

tools vs techniques

When trying to improve your pool game, which makes a more significant difference – tools or techniques. The question of tools vs techniques is an old one. However, the answer isn’t simply to say one or the other always helps you to improve more quickly.

Tools vs Techniques: Tools Can Affect Technique

Did you know that the weight, balance, and size of your cue can impact how you handle it? This influence makes choosing the right pool cue essential. Find a cue that works well with your physical proportions. You must also have a pool cue that you can comfortably handle well. A cue that is too long may be difficult to hold whereas a short one may require a bridge to help you to make shots. The cue tip will also make a difference in how the ball reacts when you hit it.

Some cues have harder tips that wear away quickly whereas softer tips last longer but don’t transfer as much force to the ball. Understand the types of tips for your cue and get your cue serviced if the tip has worn. Doing so could improve the way the ball acts after you hit it with the cue.

The pool table itself is also crucial to the way that the balls roll when you strike them. Make sure that you have a level pool table with a flat surface that will not warp. The felt should also be even and without pilling. If your pool table does not meet these requirements, you may need to have it re-felted, leveled, or replaced. If you need a new pool table, you can find pool tables for everyone from casual players to professionals here at A&C Billiards and Barstools. We can also help you to get the right cue and other accessories to improve the tools you use for your game.

Tools vs Techniques: Techniques Matter, Too

How you use the tools is also essential to the way that you play. Good games start with regular practice. But, you should practice with good techniques. You can find resources online to hone your skills both in written and video format. However, you might want to find a private tutor to help you to adjust your stance, stroke, and other aspects of play that you may not be able to see yourself. Yes, the tools matter, but you have to use the correct techniques to make the most of those tools.

So, Which Is Better, Tools or Techniques?

Both tools and techniques are vital parts of improving your pool game. Therefore, instead of comparing tools vs techniques, take care to boost both. Find the best tools that you can use and take good care of them. Also, learn proper techniques and practice with good form. Doing both will give you the biggest improvements to your game.

Find the Tools You Need for Pool at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Because the tools are so important to your game, make sure that the ones you have will help your game. If you need to improve the quality of your pool equipment, stop by our City of Industry showroom to see a selection of almost two dozen pool tables and even more cues. We also offer services such as resurfacing pool tables and repairing pool cues. You can also get help selecting the right table, cues, and accessories for your pool playing. You can also shop online through our website to view our full selection of pool playing equipment. Check it out or contact us with questions.



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