What Type of Home Game Tables Do You Have – Pool or Billiards?

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While often used interchangeably, pool and billiards refer to two distinct types of game tables. Find out if you have or want a pool table or billiard table. Plus, recognize the distinctions each has, and find out why we call ourselves A&C Billiards and Barstools.

What Are Billiard Tables?

The term billiards technically refers to any type of table game that uses a stick to hit balls. This includes pool, snooker, and English billiards. In the United States, pool and billiards are frequently used to refer to the same game. However, there is some confusion about the term regarding play in other countries.

For example, while pool and English billiards both fall into the category of billiards, they have distinctive differences. English billiards is a game played with only three balls, and the table does not have pockets. Therefore, in England, a game of billiards could be very different from a round with the same name in the United States.

What Are Pool Tables?

Pool tables are what most people in the United States think of as billiards tables. What makes pool tables distinct is their pockets. Some billiards tables, such as those used for English billiards, don’t have pockets.

But how did pool tables separate in their naming? According to the history of the game from the Billiard Congress of America, in the United States during the late 19th century, people frequently visited pool rooms to bet on horse races. While waiting for race results, they would play rounds of billiards on tables provided by the pool room owners. Over time, the pool room came to refer to a space stocked with game tables to play the increasingly popular pocket billiards at. Pocket billiards eventually became known as pool from this connection.

Are There Other Types of Games Similar to Billiards and Pool?

Yes, snooker is another variety of billiards because it uses a cue to strike balls. However, snooker uses 22 balls and features smaller pockets and larger game tables. Because it requires a specialty table and more balls, snooker is not nearly as common as pocket billiards, or as Americans call it, pool.

Get Your Next Game Table from A&C Billiards and Barstools in the City of Industry, California

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