What to Do If You Need Pool Cue Repair

If you’re like many pool players, you probably have a favorite cue that you play with. While anyone can play with almost any cue, players typically have a preferred one that matches their playing style and gives them the feedback needed. However, wear and damage to your cue will happen over time. If you need pool cue repair, find out more about this service and where to get it.

What Type of Damage Necessitates Pool Cue Repair?

Over time, your cue will sustain damage from normal play. However, improperly using or storing a cue will also cause damage that may need repairs.

The most common type of damage occurs to the tip. As you play, the tip will eventually wear down. Unless you have it replaced, your cue may perform unpredictably. Plus, regularly chalking the tip will eventually smooth its surface, reducing the friction and impacting gameplay. The best way to restore your cue in these instances is through having the tip replaced. You may also need the ferrule replaced if your tip has sustained serious impact damage.

Other damage such as nicks or gouges in the surface of the cue require expert treatment from a professional. You likely won’t be able to sand out deep scratches without causing further damage. 

How Long Should Your Cue Tip Last?

Generally, with regular play, your cue tip may last only six months before you need to replace it. This estimate depends on how often you play. Therefore, the more that you play, the more often you will need pool cue repair.

What Happens During Pool Cue Repair?

During our repair service, we examine the cue for signs of damage, replace the tip and ferrule, recondition and clean it before sending it back to you. Your newly restored cue should play much better than before you sent it for repairs.

Find Out More About A&C Billiards and Barstools’s Pool Cue Repair Service

If you have a cue stick that needs a new tip, restoration or other services, contact us at A&C Billiards and Barstools. We can let you know how to get your cue stick repaired and more about our other services. We also have new pool cues if you would like a replacement or a spare to use while your pool cue undergoes repairs. Restore your game and your favorite cue stick with our pool cue repair.


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