Uses for New Barstools Beyond Bars

Even homes without bars can have uses for barstools. These convenient seating options have more applications in other spaces around the house than just as perches for drinkers at a bar. Both old and new barstools can see renewed life in almost any room of the home.

Barstools in Kitchens

Kitchens with breakfast bars or islands present an ideal spot for barstools. When choosing new barstools for this application, stool heights typically measure 24 to 26 inches at the seat. These measurements allow enough space between the legs and the bottom of the counter when seated in the barstool. Backless barstools will also slide comfortably out of the way under the breakfast bar or island when not in use, freeing kitchen space.

New Barstools in Game Rooms

Game rooms and barstools pair together naturally due to their common use in public recreation rooms and bars. The benefit of placing new barstools in a game room is their height. Chairs don’t allow for those seated to easily watch a game of pool. Spectators need higher chairs to watch games or to rest between turns. Barstools offer the height needed for spectators.

When outfitting game rooms, new barstools should not clash with the existing theme. Sports-themed barstools work better in casual game spaces, whereas fine customized new barstools complement traditional billiards rooms.

Living Space Barstools

In living spaces, new barstools offer seating around pub-height tables. But barstools have uses beyond seating. For a bare corner, a backless barstool works well as a plant stand or art holder. In both bedrooms and living rooms, barstools can take the place of end tables for storing books, keys, or a charging phone.

Uses for New Barstools for Bathrooms 

Bathrooms often lack space for keeping clothes off the floor, nor do they have places to sit during morning routines at the vanity. Place new barstools in the bathroom to solve both problems seating.

A barstool in the corner provides a place to keep fresh clothes while showering. Using a barstool protects the clothes from moisture that could splash on the floor from the shower or bath.

Once taking the clothes off the barstool, it provides a sturdy place to sit when putting on socks or shoes. Barstools also offer a comfortable place to sit in front of the mirror for extended beauty or self-care routines. For instance, coloring hair or styling it may require too much time to comfortably stand in front of a bathroom mirror throughout the process. A backless stool provides seating while allowing free access to longer hair.

Compared to standard dining chairs, barstools give better sightlines. Chairs may have seats too low for comfortable use of the sink and any self-care products surrounding it. A barstool keeps the seated person high enough to see and reach anything on the bathroom counter.

Find Quality, New Barstools and Other Fine Furnishings at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Despite their traditional use for lining bars, barstools are much more versatile in their uses. Creatively using barstools around the home makes a space that merges style, art, and usefulness. Find a massive selection of new barstools in multiple styles, colors, and heights at A&C Billiards and Barstools. 


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