Use Our Pool Table Services to Refresh a Gaming Table Before the Holidays

During the holiday season, gaming at home is one way to provide a fun way for families to connect. Make sure a pool table is prepared for the holidays and extra play with our pool table services that can restore a table to almost new condition through the cloth, bumper, and pocket replacement, moving, and other chores.

Cloth Replacement

Over time, even the finest pool cloth will show signs of wear and fraying. Our cloth replacement pool table services include a variety of materials and colors to match the existing cloth or upgrade it. By replacing worn felt, the pool table looks better, and balls will move more predictably. Cloth replacement offers more than just an aesthetic enhancement but better play.

Pool Table Moving and Setup Services

If moving a pool table or changing the location of a game room, moving the table without professional help could cause the slate to break or injuries to occur. New pool tables also require careful assembly and setup. The professionals at A&C Billiards and Barstools can move or set up a pool table to protect its integrity and prevent harm to those in the home.

Bumper and Pocket Replacement

Like the cloth, the bumpers and pockets can sustain damage over time. Worn bumpers won’t allow balls to bounce off them as well. Torn pockets could cause balls to fall through to the floor. Fallen pool balls can get scratched, dented, or sustain other damage. These scars could impact how the balls roll during play. Therefore, getting new rubber bumpers and replacement pockets ensures the pool table’s longevity and improve play.

Get Pool Table Services in Time for Better Play During the Holidays

This holiday season, schedule pool table services. These services ensure the table is prime for holiday parties and family gatherings. Contact us at A&C Billiards and Barstools to schedule service. Our contact form also lets you find out more about our offerings in the City of Industry, California.


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