Unofficial Pool Rules No One Talks About

pool rules

Did you know that not all pool rules are codified in official sources? There are some pool rules that experienced players know that beginners may not be aware of. Before you play with others, check to see if you know all these unspoken etiquette rules of the game.

Pool Etiquette for What to Do When Not Playing

When playing with others, respect their turns and give them space to make and plan their shots. This means sitting down nearby when you are not playing. Don’t sit on the pool table. You will distract other players and damage the table. Don’t talk to those playing or waiting. You don’t want to break the current player’s concentration. Another important aspect of not breaking the other player’s concentration is staying seated even as they finish their last play. Wait until they’ve taken their seat before going to the table to make your shot.

What to Do During Play

During play, make sure that you know the rules your group is using to play with and abide by them. Make sure that you always use your cue for making shots. Don’t accidentally pick up someone else’s cue. When chalking, don’t do it over the table or make other players wait for the chalk. When you finish with the chalk, place it face up to protect the table from excessive dusting.

Lastly, while you should take your time making your shot, don’t take too long on purpose. Doing so could be construed as a way to prolong the game.

Pool Rules and Etiquette for Handling the Equipment

When handling the equipment, it does not matter whether you are playing at your home pool table or in a game room at a bar. You must take care of the balls, table, and cues. To do so, make sure that you don’t slam or knock the balls around on the table. Also, don’t slam your cue onto the table or store it on the table between shots. Treat all equipment as your own and you should do well to protecting it from damage and maintaining the unspoken pool rules of etiquette.

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