Types of Pool Players and Their Unique Requirements

Pool Players

Playing pool has been a favorite choice for many. You might play it in leisure as a hobby or professionally in leagues. There would be different reasons but what remains common is your playing type which can be categorized based on your playing skills. Though this typology would just be a model and you might find yourself under one of the types, but you can improve if you focus on enhancing your skills.

Pool Players

Here’s a list of different types of pool players, how they differ from one another and what are their unique requirements:

The Occasional Player
These are the players who rarely play pool and don’t pay much attention to understand the game. If you play once a year, several times in a year, often on bar tables, just one game after another within a big gathering, you can consider yourself as an occasional player. Being a casual player, you shouldn’t expect anything else than fun.

The requirement isn’t much for such players as they usually play with house cues that are provided where they are playing. Still if you want to own a cue as an occasional player, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from that would be better than those cues at your local bar.

The Passionate Player
Under this category, these pool players are categorized whose approach is totally different from occasional pool players. Passionate pool players mainly have an understanding that their skills would only improve by practicing for a long period of time. So if you’re willing to spend time alone at pool table playing drills which focus on improving certain areas rather than just playing against your opponents, you can consider yourself as a passionate pool player.

The requirement list for ambitious players consists of good quality training rather than any specific equipment. Still they need to own a personal cue with low deflection shaft.

Being a passionate player, it’s necessary that you appoint a coach who can help polish your skills, watch professional players live and go in depth of instructional videos and prepare plans of how to get better by following them.

The Pro
This is the category for masters who are playing it on professional grounds as a main part of their life. It’s not necessary that being a professional pool player you need to make money with it, as it’s not easy to make decent money with pool. You can consider yourself a pro if you are competing, practicing, and behaving off the pool table in a professional manner.

The list of equipment could be quite long for masters as they have developed their choice of equipment after experiencing it on different pool platforms. Custom made equipment is the best option a pro should go for.

These types of players expect different things from their game but the ultimate thing that they all want is fun, enjoyment and how they can improve their playing skills.

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