Types of Pool Rules and How They Impact Play

pool rules

Think you’re using official rules when you play? You may be playing with one organization’s rules that another group may not accept. While the World Pool Association (WPA) publishes the official rules of the game, there are other rules that professional groups use, such as the American Pool Association (APA), Cue Sports International (CSI), and the Valley National Eight-Ball League Association (VNEA). Plus, bar rules may reign when playing in a game room or in your home. So, how do you know that everyone at the table is playing with the same rules? There are things that you can do before a game to identify the rules used by the players.

Ask Them

First, ask if the other players know the association whose rules they use. Many people will know whether they are playing by the official WPA rules or APA rules. In some cases, you might be able to do a quick search on your phone with the information about the rules they give you to identify the pool rules they prefer.

Learn About the Differences Between Pool Rules

Another way of identifying various pool rules is by knowing what makes each set different. For instance, APA rules require that your break hits either a second—row or head ball. Plus, you cannot perform a slow – also known as soft – break. For CSI rules, you don’t have to hold your cue with at least one hand when aiming a shot with it. In VNEA rules, you can pattern rack the balls and you must mark which pocket you intend for the eight-ball to go into.

Bar rules tend to be more casual than professional play. An official set of bar rules doesn’t exist. In fact, some people may prefer to amend some of these rules to make the game even simpler and easier. For instance, most people playing with bar rules don’t have fouls and if the eight ball enters a pocket from the break, the player automatically wins.

Establish Rules for the Game

Because playing pool with friends or family is much more casual than official league play, you can amend the rules as you see fit. However, make sure that everyone agrees upon the pool rules you will use for the game before starting. Doing so will prevent contention in the event of an exceptional case that different rule sets might disagree upon.

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