7 Tips Which Will Help You Focus in Your Pool Game

Pool Game

Always fidgeting when it’s your turn to play pool? Lack of focus will make you struggle to aim and pot the ball. Here are seven simple tips which are tried and tested based on the first-hand account of those who are relatively newer to the game, as well as the seasoned ones, which you should follow to zero in on focus when it’s time to play.

Pool Game

  1. Practice a pre-shot routine
    Having a pre-shot routine will help to improve your game. A pre-shot routine refers to a series of steps that you do before taking a shot. When done consistently, the routine will become a habit and help to improve your game.

  2. Take deep breathes before every shot
    When it’s your time to play, take a deep breath when on the table. This will help to calm your nerves and make you more focused on the shot at hand.

  3. Rehydrate during the game
    Once in a while, get off the table and take a sip of water. Playing pool for a long time can leave you dehydrated and make you lose focus. Have a glass or bottle of water nearby during your play.

  4. Concentrate on the shot you want to take
    You should also practice deliberately focusing when you are about to take a shot. Think of the hole where you want the ball to go. Apart from this, think of how strong you want to strike the ball.

  5. Take a break in-between plays
    Take a break to calm your nerves in-between games. Walk away from the table, chalk the cue tip and enjoy your drink or smoke for a few seconds.

  6. Block distractions from your surroundings
    During a game, your focus should be on the table and game. Avoid looking at the TV, other people watching the game, or getting sucked into distractions that may be around.

  7. Keep your cool
    Many things can happen on the table that will make you lose focus. For example, you may get angry for missing shots or when your opponent has potted more balls than you. Keep your cool and don’t get distracted by what has happened.

Follow the tips above to maintain your focus when playing pool.

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