6 Tips to Maintain Your Focus at the Poker Table

Poker Table

Ever wondered why some poker players seem to win most tournaments they take part in? Apart from applying obvious strategies, successful players know there is one thing that can make or break their play. Focus.

Staying focused is critical to bringing your A-game at the table.

Poker Table

Here are six tips that will keep you focused when playing poker.

    1. Stay away from your phone

      If you habitually look at your phone when playing poker, stop it. The phone is the number one distraction that will make you sloppy during a game.

When on the poker table, put the phone on Airplane mode to avoid the urge to check your social media feeds.

    1. Use music to relax

      Soothing, relaxing music can help improve your focus when playing. If music is your thing, use it to focus.

TIP: Play soothing, instrumental music in the background to avoid getting distracted by the lyrics.

    1. Make moves with a reason

      When playing, always have a reason for any move. Do not play to change the flow of the game or to bring some excitement. Be deliberate with your moves to avoid results that could make you unfocused.

    2. Use breaks to your advantage

      When playing a tourney, you will have breaks, usually after every two hours. Don’t waste the breaks sitting on the table. Stand up, stretch your legs and pace around to get some air. Breaks are also a great time to catch up on your phone.

    3. Stay calm with meditation

      Staying calm and keeping your cool is one of the secrets that top poker players use to get an edge over their competitors. It’s not called a “poker face” for no reason.

Try meditation to calm your nerves before a game. When at the table, focus on your play and don’t let emotions get the best of you.

  1. Pace your game

    Playing for consecutive days can be strenuous. If you are participating in a multi-day tourney, pace your game. You can start with your B game and progress through the days to finish in your A-game.

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