6 Tips to Maintain Your Dartboard to Make It Last Longer


Maintaining your dartboard will make it last longer, ensure you have a good game and save money in the long run. Maintenance of a dartboard requires you to follow some routine tips to ensure its logevity and give you value for money at the same time. Follow the six tips below on how to maintain your dartboard:


  1. Rotate the board regularly
    Remove the marker and rotate the board regularly. This may sound trivial but rotating the board improves its longevity by preventing specific areas that are aimed at regularly from wearing out faster than other areas. The board will wear out evenly when it’s rotated regularly.

  2. Find out the capacity of the board
    Check the capacity of the board before you start to use it. The capacity is usually indicated by the manufacturer on the setup documents or dartboard package. Some boards are designed to be played by two people while others can be used by eight or more people. Avoid using a 2-player dartboard for an 8-person game.

  3. Keep the board away from liquids
    Liquids weaken the fiber components of the dartboard. Therefore, avoid cleaning your board with water or any liquid. Use a dry cloth or a blower to remove any dust that may have accumulated on the dartboard.

  4. Use the recommended dart points
    Get darts with well-rounded tips. Darts with very sharp tips will damage the fiber components of the board. On the same note, blunt darts will break up the fiber components of the board. The best darts to use are those that are neither too sharp nor too blunt.

  5. Setup the dartboard properly
    The way you set up your dartboard can also determine how long it will last. Set up the dartboard on a secure wall. Moreover, ensure that the fixings are not heavy to avoid putting pressure on the board.

  6. Use the dartboard indoors
    The board cannot survive excessive sunlight and moisture. Dartboards are made of fiber and when the material is exposed to outside elements, it becomes brittle and starts to fade over time. Therefore, always use the dartboard indoors.

Follow the six tips above to keep your dartboard in great condition for a long time.

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