10 Tips to Get In Top Gear For a Pool Tournament

Pool Tournament

Winning a pool tournament is more than just shooting accurately. Preparation is key to performing at your best. Here are ten tips you should follow to be in top gear for a tourney and getting better at your game to play like a pro and make winning a part of your pool playing routine.

Pool Tournament

  1. Eat healthy
    Eat well before the tournament. Get a healthy serving of starchy foods and fruits to give you the energy to last throughout your matches. Also drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

  2. Play the game in your head
    Before the match starts, picture yourself making great shots. Play in your head the strokes and possible game plays to prepare for the upcoming competition.

  3. Practice your pre-shot routine
    Practice the pre-shot routine you will be using before and after every shot. Having a routine will improve your play.

  4. Be positive
    The stakes may be high but remember to have fun and maintain a positive attitude when playing. Being tense will inhibit your performance.

  5. Get a feel of the table
    Not all pool tables are the same. As you warm up for the tournament, take shots from different angles to learn how the billiards tend to act on different sections.

  6. Don’t judge your pre-match performance
    During the pre-match plays, do not judge your performance. Anything can happen at a pool game. Convince yourself that no matter how the game is panning out, you can always emerge a winner.

  7. Start with simple shots
    Begin your games with simple shots. Potting the easy balls will give your hands and brain the momentum to play well.

  8. Avoid technical experiments
    Use the warm-up sessions and the game to pot the balls. Leave the technical shots for practice sessions.

  9. Focus on the process
    Keep the momentum going by focusing on the process. Don’t plan until the very end. Instead, play your billiards one at a time.

  10. Have zero expectations
    Pool tournaments can be fickle. Therefore, do not have any expectations when playing. Simply play the billiards as they get arranged on the table.

Follow the ten tips above to play your best in a pool tournament.

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