Tips for Throwing Darts More Accurately

throwing darts

You will likely enjoy playing darts even more if you take steps to improve your game. Bettering your throwing accuracy and consistency will take work. However, you’ll enjoy playing darts more and begin to feel a greater passion for the game as you improve. Use these tips to get better at playing dart.

Focus on Your Feet

When throwing darts, you need to have both feet firmly planted on the ground from the time that you aim until after you release the dart. Some players make the mistake of leaning so far forward on their front foot that they lift up their back foot on the throw. Doing so can make you to get off-balance, which can cause your throw to go wild.

Keep your weight on the front foot when throwing. But use your back foot for stability and keep it in place.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The old joke that practice is the best way to get to Carnegie Hall applies to most skills in life. You should practice throwing darts as often as possible. One way to do this is to get a dartboard for at home and play games on it.

There are several types of dart games that anyone can learn because they have simple rules. For instance, 501 is a game that each player starts at this score. The number you hit on the board is how many points you subtract from your running total. The first player to get to zero wins.

Stay Still

The less you move when throwing darts, the more accurate your throw will be. As noted, some people move their body weight while aiming and throwing. You should also keep your upper body as still as possible. Put down your drink, take a deep breath, and stop talking when aiming to get the most accurate throw.

Use Quality Darts

The type of darts you use can also make a difference. You should use darts that are properly weighted for accurate throwing. You might want to consider mixing and matching the shafts and flights to create your own customized option for your style of throwing.

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