Tips for Installing Pool Table Lighting

Pool Table Lighting

Quality lighting for your pool table is crucial. Proper lighting will ensure that you are not distracted by shadows from the pool balls, table, and any surrounding objects. Moreover, with the appropriate lighting, you will enjoy your game more because you can see every part of the pool table.

Pool Table Lighting

How High Should You Hang Your Lighting?

How high your pool lighting fixture should be hanged depends on the quality of the lighting and the height of your home pool table. According to the World Pool-Billiard Association, the height of the light from the pool table slate should be at least 40 inches and no more than 70 inches. These measurements, however, are meant for professional pool tables. The height can be as low as 36 inches or as high as 42 inches based on what suits your home pool table.

Guide for Installing Pool Table Light

The pool table, rails, cushions, and guide point arrows should be well lit. The standard lighting rules recommend a minimum of 520 lux for the pool table and only 50 lux of background light. Longer pool tables will require more bulbs.

The length of the lighting must be at least 12 inches shorter than the pool table on both sides. Most lights are shorter than that.

Follow the steps below to install a pool table light:

  • Measure the length and width of your pool table using a tape measure, find the center, and mark it with tape.
  • Use a plumb line to align the center of the table with the ceiling. Mark the ceiling using a pencil at the point where it aligns with the center of the pool table.
  • Measure the length (x) from the center of your lighting system to both sides of its chain.
  • Measure the same length (x) on both sides of the pencil-marked point of the ceiling and drill holes on a stud.
  • Install metal hooks and screw them in tightly.
  • Attach the chains to the hooks and ensure they hang at the required length.
  • Keep the chain links equal to balance the lighting.

After you have installed the lighting, switch off any other source of light, and make the necessary adjustments to eliminate any shadows.

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