Tips for Creating a Great Game Room

Game Room

When the night sets in, it’s time to relax and unwind with family and friends. And what better way to do this than get into some gaming action!

If your home has a basement, consider converting it into a game room. You can rework the basement to be the ultimate gaming area. Here are some tips for converting your basement into a great game room.

Game Room

  1. Use space wisely
    Plan on how you intend to use the available space. Consider the types of games that would be played in the room and the number of people you’ll be hosting. Leave adequate space around the game tables (about 3-5 feet) to avoid feeling cramped.

  2. Design an entertainment-friendly layout
    Design the layout to be suitable for entertaining many guests. After all, games are more fun when many people are around! Depending on the size of the basement and location of the gaming tables, you may want to have two or more TV sets so that your visitors won’t all have to crowd at one spot during a game.

  3. Let there be light
    Proper lighting is critical in any game room. Make sure the game boards and tables are well-lit. For the remainder of the space, install bulbs of lamps that shine ambient light.

  4. Get the right furniture
    The types of games you will have in the basement should help you determine what kind of furniture to get. If you and your friends will be gaming a lot on the big screen, get a set of ergonomic gaming chairs, like Sound Egg Chairs, that are designed for the ultimate gaming experience.

  5. Get proper seats
    Be creative with the furnishings in the game room and get those that double as seats. The furniture should be easy to move around so that guests can pull them to wherever they want to catch a gaming action. Ottomans are a great option as gaming room seats.

Follow the five tips above to convert your basement into a great game room.


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