Throwing better darts: top tips

Top tips for throwing better darts

In case you want to work on your way of throwing better darts, you can do it within no time just by following some tips. If you do not have any particular goal, you cannot achieve proper results. Thus, we have come up with the following tips to help you throw better darts.

Top tips for throwing better darts

1. Holding still

To throw better darts, you have to hold your body still. If you lose awareness of your body while throwing darts, you will not be able to achieve your target. If you want to consistently improve your way of throwing darts, you have to ensure that such things do not happen to you. 

During each second of every throw, you have to be fully aware of your body from the time when you move forward and the time the dart releases from the hand. There must not be any swaying, bouncing, or swinging of the body. Your breathing has to be under control and steady, and you must consciously perform all motions.

Many players lift their back legs, throw out their elbows, and flex their knees. Some players even close their eyes to act like they are sneezing. All such behaviors are detrimental and do not work in your favor when you are going to throw darts.

The more control you have over the body, the more you will be able to pay attention to the details. This will give you a better average without any doubts.

2. Improving the stance

The fundamentals of throwing darts, as we discussed, is to keep your body completely still. The wrist, forearm, and arm must move to ensure that the dart follows the most efficient and accurate path through the air. Thus, if you want to work on your way of throwing darts, you have to start improving your stance. Your stance needs to be relaxed and comfortable to help you to launch several times without going through excess fatigue.

If you want to throw a perfect dart, you have to keep your shoulders completely still. Once you aim your dart, any additional movements from your upper body will change your planned trajectory and move the position. You have to put your stance facing forward.

It is recommended to go for an angled position between the oche line and the foot of the player. This will provide the utmost stability and accuracy. In addition, most of the body weight of the player must be placed on the front foot. But during the time of the throw, the back foot must not lose its contact with the floor as it can cause some instability.

3. Balancing your weight

Proper distribution of weight can help improve your stance on throwing darts. With the width of your feet and shoulder apart, the front foot that is flat must carry more weight in comparison to the back foot. The front foot is the base. Your back foot will enable you to regulate your balance, and if you lift the toe off with the back foot, it will help you to keep up with your balance.

It is essential to get the right balance between the feet to get rid of fatigue and improve your accuracy. Many players find a balanced and comfortable weight distribution to be around twenty percent back foot and eighty percent front foot.

4. Stand on the throwing side

It can be a bit tricky to adjust the placement of your feet. Some players must place both feet on the toe line with the entire upper body while facing forward toward their dartboard. You can also see skilled players with a full forward stance. And if you are a beginner at throwing darts, it can feel like a stable and natural throwing stance.

However, these kinds of forward stances will not benefit us. Thus, you have to initially go by standing on your throwing side. If you are right-handed, you must stand on the right side towards your dartboard and the right foot against your toe line.

You must lock your right knee, but it is okay to keep a little bend if it makes you feel more comfortable and accurate. This is a good stance as you can keep your eyes, torso, arms, and shoulders in a good alignment. It also limits your arm movement and improves your consistency.

5. Preparing the throw

You can notice that experienced players can make it look quite easy. They will have the dart, their eye, and the target in line and in alignment with one another. This will increase the likelihood that when you land the throw, the dart will be placed more accurately.

But even if you look at professionals throwing darts all day long, you will not be in a position to replicate it. So, you can follow some simple principles for throwing darts. For instance, you can turn your face towards your dartboard and focus on the target with each one of your eyes. You have to place the elbow in a comfortable manner to throw your dart properly.


If you want to start throwing better darts, you have to start by holding still. This is because if you move too much, then you will not be able to have a proper aim, which will make you lose your target. For this reason, you must also focus on balancing your weight. Standing on the throwing side will enable you to have the right alignment of your arm, shoulders, wrist, and the target line. Lastly, you have to learn the basic principles of throwing darts to improve your throw. is a website where you can purchase your favorite darts to play along with your family members and friends whenever they come over.

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