Things to Consider Before Investing in a Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table

Whether you are a seasoned or an amateur player or want to buy a ping-pong table for recreation, there are a number of factors to be considered before making a final decision. If you are purchasing it for the first time for your home, you can go for a cheaper low-end table. If you want to play the game professionally, buy a high-end premium table.

Ping Pong Table

Here are some of the factors worth considering before you buy a ping-pong table:

You have to decide whether you need a portable table which can be dismantled and moved to different places or a conventional table that can be kept at one place. Currently, the portable ones are preferred as they allow the user to move them from one place to another as they come with rollers which make moving easy. Some good tables have brakes in their wheels to stop moving when needed.

Budget is a critical factor while choosing the ping-pong table. There are many good quality products available in the market at a reasonable price, but high-end tables offer great performance and last for a long time. You need to decide which table you should go for depending on your budget.

Some ping-pong players say that tables with 1 inch thick tops are worth considering. You can even consider a 0.75 inch thick top which is almost similar. Professionals should go for 1 inch thick tops as they get similar tables in the tournaments.

Even Finish
Make sure that the surface of the ping-pong table is smooth and even as it should not have rough edges and patches. Rough and pointed edges lead to mishaps such as scraping and bruising. Test the bounce of the ball on the surface of the table before buying it. It should bounce 23 cm high after being dropped from 30 cm height.

The Best Ping Pong Tables
Pro Indoor Table Tennis Table
This quickly assembled table comes with 25 mm chipboard top and 8 locking wheels. Its leg and frame are made of 50mm stainless steel. Post, net, paddle and ball storage are included.

Pro Outdoor Table Tennis Table
It is used as an outdoor table which has milamine top of 14 mm. The leg and frame are made of 50 mm stainless steel. It also includes net and post, ball storage and paddle. It has 8 locking wheels and is a reliable and durable product.

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