The Proper Way to Clean and Protect Your Pool Table

Pool Table Care

How long your expensive pool table will last depends on how you take care of it. Every product needs regular maintenance work for increasing its durability, and a pool table is no exception. Here is the lowdown on how to clean and protect your pool table.

Pool Table Care

Cleaning the Cloth

The pool table cloth or felt is made of a combination of nylon and wool. The cloth can accumulate dust and chalk, making it difficult to play accurately. Use a soft brush to clean the cloth and protect it from damage.

  1. Brush in light, straight strokes from the head to the foot of the table. Don’t change the direction as the fibers will peel.

  2. Use a vacuum cleaner and lightly go over the cloth and pocket holes to remove ingrained dust.

  3. In case liquid spills on the cloth, clean it immediately using a damp cloth. Blot rather than rub the damp cloth and dry the dampness with a dry cloth.

  4. If the cloth is too dirty, buy a foam cleaner and follow the instructions for a thorough clean.

Cleaning the Wood

  • Use a damp cloth to clean visible dirt and spills on the wooden structure.
  • If needed, polish the wood to make it shiny.

Wipe the Balls

Wipe the pool balls with a damp cloth dipped in warm water to remove dust. You can also use a pool ball cleaning agent to remove oil and other stubborn dirt.

Take Care of the Pool Table

Cleaning your pool table occasionally is necessary. However, implement preventive measures to minimize the number of cleans to increase the table’s durability. Here’s how to do this:

  • Cover the pool table when not in use to protect it from pet hair, direct light, and dust.
  • Designate an area near the table where onlookers can place their snacks and drinks.
  • Don’t let children and pets sit on the edge of the table as this can cause the cushion to sag.
  • Buy high-quality pool balls to minimize the white burn spots on your cloth.

Occasionally cleaning the pool table will improve its longevity. Follow the above pool table care tips for the best results.

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