The Many Styles of Barstools

Barstools come in multiple styles, each with its own attributes. When choosing barstools for a space, the use of the seats should be the first decision. Not all rooms can accommodate barstools with full height backs on them. Before narrowing down the colors and materials used on the stools, learn about the variety of styles available.


Backless barstools are a casual classic. These may have swiveling or stationary seats. They have the benefit of sliding neatly under a bar for saving floor space when not in use. For simple seating under bars, these are a good option in a laid-back environment such as a home game room or bar area.

Backed Stools

Barstools and counter height stools also come in designs with backs. The backs may be so low that the stools resemble backless stools. These low-rise backed stools often have modern designs.

Another option is high-backed stools. These backs cover the entire back area of the seated person. Variations on the high-backed stool describe the pattern of the back support. Ladder-backs resemble the rungs of a ladder between two supports. Solid backs have a solid piece of material or wood to cover the back. Mission-style stools have a back that resembles a ladder back, but the rungs are vertical instead of horizontal with an overall rectangular design. Similar in style to Mission is the Windsor style, which features a rounded frame for the back instead of a rectangular one.

Backed seats offer a better option for counter-height tables or more formal seating. In homes with children, stools with backs provide better stability for children and young adults to sit in, compared to backless stools.

With or Without Arms

Backed barstools have include variations with and without arms. Including arms on a stool makes the seat more closely resemble a cozy chair. Parents may prefer backed chairs with arms to keep their younger children from falling off the stool when seated.

As protective as stools with arms are, they do not provide a solution for everyone. Armless stools may offer more comfort for persons of size who may find the space between arms of a regular barstool constraining. The lack of arms also makes getting in the seat of a swiveling barstool easier because the chair does not need to completely face forward for a person to sit in it.

Pedestal Stools

Pedestal stools have a single support for the stool itself. These take up less floor space and often have a backless design. For minimalist or casual environments, they fit well into the d├ęcor. And despite their appearance, these stools offer good stability. However, for even greater stability, legged stools may be preferable.

Legged Stools

Legged stools typically have three to four legs for support. The shapes of the seats may be round, square, or rectangular. Additionally, barstools with legs may have backs or not or arms or not. In fact, legged barstools likely represent the largest group of stool types.

Barstools for Game Rooms, Home Bars, Man Caves, Rec Rooms, and More

The first decision is always the style of barstools used in a room. With so many variations, there are options for spaces that require casual furnishings or luxury seating. Find out more at A&C Billiards and Barstools for a wide range of stock and customizable seating for any room.


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