The Many Names of McDermott Cues

With a range of options for beginners to professionals, McDermott Cues has a reputation among pool aficionados for quality and performance. You will find several series under the McDermott brand if you want to stay loyal to the company and invest in a new pool cue.

Lucky Cues

Lucky cues, indicated by a leading L in the cue names, have the most budget-conscious prices from McDermott. With a three-year warranty, the Lucky cue series is ideal for beginners who know they will upgrade their cue in the future. These cues feature eye-catching graphic wraps that will make you stand out among other players. One example of a Lucky cue is the L63 made of rock-hard maple and featuring an Irish linen wrap.

Star Cues

The next most budget-friendly of the McDermott line, you get a balance of low-cost and high-value. You can identify the Star cues by their product names or numbers, which always start with an S. For example, the S66 is part of the Star lineup, as indicated by its starting letter. All Star cues have either maple or other exotic wood construction and include lifetime warranties.

Classic Series

The McDermott Cues Classics series includes unique models the company has created over the years. This line has models that start with M for McDermott, as in the M29A pool cue, also known as the Knight. This model includes an i-2 shaft, a quick-release joint, silver rings, and a urethane sleeve.


The McDermott Cues G-series has cues with robust construction, exotic materials, and the i-2 shaft for better performance. One instance of this series is the G902 cue. Like others in the series, it features a quick-release joint, lifetime warranty, and the i-2 shaft.

Find High-Quality McDermott Cues at A&C Billiards and Barstools

You won’t find McDermott cues everywhere. In fact, only the finest pool cue resellers offer them. Therefore, you can find a large selection of McDermott cues here at A&C Billiards and Barstools. You can find cues from the Lucky, Star, Classic, and G-series from this brand for the performance and gameplay that you expect from this name. For questions about our pool cues, the McDermott cues we offer, or anything else, contact us.


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