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Types of Pool Players and Their Unique Requirements

Pool Players

Playing pool has been a favorite choice for many. You might play it in leisure as a hobby or professionally in leagues. There would be different reasons but what remains common is your playing type which can be categorized based on your playing skills. Though this typology would just be a model and you might […]

Essential Tips to Enhance Your Pool Techniques

Pool Techniques

When you think about pool, how to strike a pool ball is the most important part that comes into your mind. Apart from this, there are many more questions that rise with wanting to improve your game. And the first step towards this direction is your composer whenever you’re working on techniques. Be aware of […]

Billiards Tricks: How to Play Rail and Pocket Shots

Billiards Tricks

Every pool player knows the feeling of being stuck behind the 8 ball. No matter how you look at it, you don’t seem to have a shot. Instead of trying to bank your way out of bad situation, you can employ compression shots using the rail and points of the pockets to aid in your […]

How to Play Snooker: Know the Rules

Snooker Rules

Snooker is a game played with one cue stick and twenty-two balls. This game is quite popular and entertaining. It would be helpful to know the rules of the game before you start playing. One needs more skills to play snooker as the table is larger and pockets narrower as compared to other cue sports. […]

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