A Step By Step Guide to Replace a Pool Cue Tip Yourself

Pool Cue Tip

Is your cue tip worn out and the local repair guy won’t be back before your next tourney? If so, you can replace the tip yourself!

Replacing a pool cue tip is easy, even if you have never attempted the task before. All you need is a DIY repair kit. Follow the steps below to replace the cue tip.

Pool Cue Tip

  1. Remove the worn out tip. Use a sharp knife or razor blade to remove the tip, cutting as close to the ferrule as possible. Work slowly and carefully to remove any glue or leather from the ferrule.

  2. Clean the ferrule. Use a smooth top sander to remove any glue or leftover dirt off the top of the ferrule. Ensure that the ferrule is flat and clean.

  3. Prepare the cue tip. Sand the cue tip to make it rough. You want the tip to be rough to make it easy for glue to adhere to it.

  4. Place the tip at the center of the ferrule. Press the tip firmly to eliminate any air pockets that may come between the tip and ferrule. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any glue that may get out to the sides of the ferrule.

  5. Let the glue dry. Press the cue tip in place for about 10 minutes to give the glue time to dry.

  6. Shape the cue tip. Cut off any parts of the tip that are out of place with the ferrule. Position the cue stick on a flat surface with the tip down and use a sharp knife to slice off any parts protruding from the ferrule.

  7. Shape the cue tip. At this point, you have the cue tip firmly on the ferrule. However, the tip is probably flat. Sand the tip to shape it however you prefer. You can also sand the tip on the sides to remove any protruding parts.

Replacing a cue tip can be challenging for the first time. However, with some practice, you will not find it necessary to take the tip to a cue repair guy when it gets worn out.

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