Spotlight on Our Bestselling, Versatile Logan Pool Table

If you want a pool table that will fit into your lifestyle and adapt to your multitude of needs, you want a multi-use table. While we have several options for these, our most popular is the 3-in-1 Logan Pool Table. Why is this a bestselling table? Find out what makes this option so popular among our customers.

Rustic Style in the Logan Pool Table

The rustic style of the Logan Pool Table brings a comforting classical tone to a room. In fact, for 2021, Modsy predicts rustic style and natural materials will be home décor trends.

On the Logan table, the material has a Barnwood finish, enhancing wood grain for a laid-back, rustic style. Plus, the solid construction with thick posts, cross-braces, and padded benches add to the look of a functional piece from an old farmhouse.

Gaming Uses for the Logan Pool Table Beyond Billiards

While many people only want a pool table for their home, other families need more use from a gaming table beyond playing pool. One of the main features of the Logan Pool Table is its adaptability. Its top reverses from a dining table to a table tennis surface. Plus, the benches store the net, paddles, and balls for a game of Ping-Pong.

By quickly converting between gaming surfaces, the Logan Pool Table offers your family twice as much gaming fun as a single-use game table. 

Convenient Seating for Non-Gaming Use

When not in use as a gaming table, the seven-foot-long Logan table provides rustic dining seating. The benches have soft padding. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about having seating at the proper height to reach the top of the table. These benches allow for comfortable use of the table. Since each bench stretches almost the full length of the table on either side, you will have plenty of seating for your friends or family.

Bring the Logan Pool Table into Your Home by Finding It at Best Pool Tables for Sale

Get the pool table that everyone is talking about from Best Pool Tables for Sale. We also have pool table accessories and other gaming tables to complete your home’s recreational needs. Browse our site to see all our offerings.

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