Some Guidelines for Choosing the Best Billiards Chalk

Billiards Chalk

Apart from a cue stick, the other essential accessory you will need when playing billiards or pool is chalk. Read on for recommendations of the best pool chalk brands.

But first, some basics.

What is billiards chalk?

Every billiards or pool player knows the chalk. When starting a new game, you probably rub chalk on the cue tip unconsciously. But what is the chalk made of and do you really need it in a game?

Billiards Chalk

Pool chalk is made of a combination of crushed silica, aluminum oxide, and corundum.

Why do you use chalk on a pool stick?

To make the best shots, there should be adequate friction between the cue stick and the white ball on impact. When the tip moves and hits the ball, you can either end up with a great shot or a miscue (where the tip slides off the ball).

Chalk ensures that there is adequate friction between the tip and the ball, which is critical to get the ball moving to the direction you want. After continuous use, the cue tip slowly gets worn out and becomes smooth. If you don’t rub the tip with chalk, it can slide off the ball in a miscue.

What are the top brands for billiard chalk?

There are dozens of chalk brands on the market and it can be difficult to determine the best brand. However, most professional pool players swear by the following brands:

Does it really matter which chalk you use?

Generally, billiard and pool chalks from any of the above brands will be fine. Therefore, you shouldn’t really be concerned about purchasing particular chalk.

However, you may prefer some chalks over others for various reasons. For example, you may choose a particular chalk brand based on:

  • How long the chalk lasts on the cue tip
  • Amount of dust produced by the chalk
  • The consistency of the chalk

In the end, you need good chalk to avoid miscues. Experiment with different pool chalks to find the right one for your games.

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