Should You Give Someone a Pool Cue for Christmas?

pool cue for Christmas

If you know someone who loves pool, you may have thought about buying them a pool cue for Christmas. However, purchasing a pool cue for someone may not be the best idea, especially if you are not familiar with how the person plays or their preferences. The following are some reasons that you may want to treat your friend to a trip to a billiards store where you pay for the pool cue that they choose.

Pool Cues Come in Various Lengths and Weights

Pool cues are less like shoes, which fit only based on anatomy, and more like cars, which come down to preferences. Like cars, pool cues can be long or short, heavy or light. Unlike shoes, a player’s size does not always correlate to the cue they will prefer. Sometimes, shorter players prefer longer cues to get better reach. However, others may want shorter cues to have better control.

The same holds true for heavy and light cues. These different cue weights can have vastly different effects on the ball. For instance, heavy cues can increase the speed of the cue ball while lighter cues improve the player’s control.

Cues Depend on the Game Played

Different games require different sizes of pool cues. For instance, the cue for a game of eight-ball ranges from 55 to 57 inches. However, the pool cue for nine-ball is 57 inches. For snooker, the cue is longer, from 57 to 59 inches in length. The specific length chosen depends on the player’s preferences, height, and reach.

Players Use Different Cues During the Game 

During a game of pool, players may use different cues. For instance, a playing cue may be lighter to allow for greater control of shots. However, at the beginning of the game, the player may choose a heavier break cue to improve cue ball speed.

Bring Your Friend to A&C Billiards and Barstools to Let Them Choose a Pool Cue for Christmas from Our Showroom

Overall, choosing a pool cue comes down to personal preference, anatomy, playing style, and the game played. Therefore, you should not simply buy a pool cue for someone else. They will need to try out various cues to find the right one for how they play. The best way to do this is in a pool equipment store.

Instead of buying a pool cue for Christmas for someone else, bring them to our City of Industry, California, showroom. At A&C Billiards and Barstools, we have everything pool players could want for their home or professional game room. Bring your friend out today to buy them their pool cue, and you might find a game table to get for yourself, too.





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