Select Billiards Lights to Match the Theme of Your Game Room

Pool Table Lights

When many people think about their game room, one of the first things they’ll think about is installing a pool table. That’s especially true for adults who are looking to entertain friends and family at home. One aspect that may be often overlooked is billiard lights. Not too many people consider them when designing their game room.

Pool Table Lights

Billiards lights can make a huge difference in how your overall game room looks and feels. Along with creating the right atmosphere for the game, billiards lights will also help you perfect your shots and playing style.

Keep reading to learn more about picking out the right billiards lights for your game room. You might be surprised at how many different styles are out there and what a big difference they can make in your home.

Know the Size
Picking the right billiards lights might sound simple, but the fact is that you need optimal lighting for optimal play. Overhead lighting fixtures should be between 33-inches and 36-inches in length for that very reason.

Without the right amount of lighting, you’ll find that certain parts of the table are illuminated while others are dark. This will make difficult shots — and even some easier ones — considerably harder on every player.

That’s no way to have a good time in your game room or to play your best game of billiards.

Consider Your Style
Not every game room is created equally, and if you’re like some people, you have a very traditional space with rich woods and varied rugs. If that’s the case, choosing a billiards light with wood or matching trim is ideal.

Or perhaps if you have a modern basement game room with steel beams and exposed paneling, you should pick a billiards light that has a similar metal finish or uses something like an exposed Edison-style bulb to illuminate your table in an appropriate fashion.

Whatever your style is, you can find game room lighting to match. You can even find fun lighting that reminds you of your favorite bar or pool hall to light your space, like this Chicago Cubs themed billiards light.

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