Right size pool table for your home: Buying Guide

right size pool table

A Guide to Finding the Right-Sized Pool Table

When you are on the lookout for a pool table for your home, the first thing that you need to see is the size of the table. For instance, you can find different sizes of pool tables that are available in the market. But, you do not need to worry as our guide will enable you to buy the right size pool table for your home.

Guide to Finding the right size pool table

1. 7-foot

People, in general, are most familiar with the bar box or the 7-foot pool table. These are fixtures that are commonly coin-operated in pubs and bars. So, if you are someone who likes playing pool in the pub, then you can buy a 7-foot pool table for your home. 

You also need a certain amount of skill to play on pool tables 7 feet in size as the billiard balls bunch into clusters that you will require to break. Revising your skills is the advantage that comes with 7-foot pool tables. The 7-foot pool table is also good as a first buy and to engage your guests. In addition, it can fit easily in any space of your home. 

2. 8-foot

Among the regulation sizes, an 8-foot pool table is another common standard size for a home pool table. They measure 8′ x 4′ inches in size and have a play surface of 88″x 44″. In case there is a limited room, it is okay to buy a custom-made table or a smaller table that will suit your needs. 

Are you thinking of inviting your friends to play pool with you? If yes, then they are the perfect size for you. Also, you can make some alterations to your room in terms of the weight and size of the pool table.

3. 9-foot

If you plan to enter a tournament, this is the right-size pool table you are looking for. These are the pool table sizes that are used in regulation tournaments and in pool halls; they are quite popular. On a 9-foot pool table, there will not be many clusters, but the shots will be much longer, which will make the game more skill-oriented and difficult. Experienced players always go for longer tables, mainly when they are competing. This allows them to maintain consistency in their playing surface. 

The pool table sizes are not limited to dimensions ranging from 7 to 9 feet. You can also find 6-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot tables. Furthermore, you may have custom pool tables of different sizes based on your needs.


6-foot tables can be the best choice for those who like to learn the way to play pool. They are also the right option when you have limited space. Although there are smaller models, anything less than this size prevents you from playing the game comfortably. 


On the contrary, 10-foot pool tables are oversized models. Those who desire snooker tables can invest in 12-foot tables.

Factors to consider when choosing the right size pool table

1. Measuring a pool table

You will not be in a position to play properly if you have a large pool table in a small room. This will disturb the proportion of the room as well as your pool table. Therefore, measuring is the key element to getting the right size pool table for your home. For this, you have to keep in mind that there needs to be enough room for players to go around the table and maneuver their moves without other things coming their way. 

Along with the size of the table, also pay attention to the duration of the cues that you are going to use. Hence, use a measuring tape to see if the size of your pool table and that of the room will align with each other.

2. The Cue Size

To get the right-sized pool table, you also need to consider the right cue size. Standard regulation pool cues are generally between 58 and 57 inches. The width of your pool table will thus need to be double the length of your cue.

You can also get short half-length and custom-produced cues. To determine how much cueing space you will require, you will have to start in the center of the space around the pool table. Then you have to go 1.5 meters further away from each object that shapes the size of the pool table.

What should be the minimum space needed for the pool table and cue?


Your first task is to measure the pool cue’s length, and then you can double it. An average cue of around 57 inches has a length of 145cm. Thus, by doubling it, the dimension is about 290cm.

Measure the width of the playfield from the interior edges of every cushion. For instance, the width is around 82cm, which is to be added to 290cm. So, the final figure would be 372cm. It is the minimum width needed for your room.


Furniture and some other factors


Your game room may have some furnishings, which may interfere with your cue. The most important thing is that something taller than your hips can affect the butt of the cue. However, you will have no issue with the lower furniture pieces like coffee tables and sofas. Moreover, you must ensure that the swing-style doors of the room can be opened and closed easily. You may need to suspend the lighting systems from the pool table.


If you need the right size pool table for your home, then you need to pick from three sizes- 7-foot, 9-foot, and 8-foot. You can choose among them based on whether you want to practice your existing skills or if you want to participate in a tournament. Aandcbilliardsandbarstools is a website that will guide you in buying the best size pool table for your game room so that you and your guests can play and enjoy together.




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