Revealing the Facts about Pool Game Myths

Pool Game Myths

There are different perceptions about the game of pool and pool players. Movies and stories that used pool or pool players to showcase a certain scenario have created these fantasies. It’s important to know the facts that debunk these myths.

Here are some most common cliches that you might have come across about pool and pool players:

Pool Game Myths

Place for Hustlers
Most people imagine a pool club like that speakeasy place where some dark characters in the corner are betting their shirt on a horse. Movies like “The Hustler” and “The Color of Money” are the ones to be blamed for this. The truth is totally different. Most players play in a club house, in a team, or at singles tournament under a highly regulated sports system.

You Can Impress Ladies
This is the most common question you’ll come across. Though you do get some attention from female spectators, the fact is that the men make up 90% or more of the population of an average pool hall.

Beginners Can Rip off the Cloth
Louise De Funes must be blamed for scaring the hell out of beginners planning to make their first pot. But the fact that professionals are dragging their cues over the cloth would turn old Louise blue in the face. Pool cloth is now very durable and made in such a way that it can’t actually be ripped apart unless it hasn’t been changed for over 10 years.

You Must Be Good in Math and Physics
You play pool, you must be terrific in math and physics, because of all the angels and stuff, right? Many of you must have seen this before. It’s just like expecting a mechanic to be good at engineering. You don’t have to be a physicist to be a good pool player.

Quirky Moves and Tricky Shots Are Necessary
Every amateur who thinks of his or herself as a great pool player tries to play at least one shot with the cue behind his or her back. The truth is that pool gets less spectacular, the better it’s played. It’s advised to maintain an easy position while cueing the ball as it’s ideal for preparing for your next shot. You may think being a pool cue ninja is cool, but chances are you won’t win any tournaments trying to be one.

Proper pool skills are a result of your body intuitively knowing what to do. Even pros wouldn’t be able to explain that what they are exactly doing as it’s related to your muscle memory. That means it’ll gradually develop with practice.

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