Rethink Game Tables This Holiday Season

Too often, people associate game tables with poor quality. However, this holiday season, giving a gaming table can become a gift of a lasting, high-quality, solid-wood construction that will last for years. Additionally, fine quality game tables enhance the utility and beauty of any room.

Quality Foosball Tables

The blue-collar game of foosball can still be an addition to a high-end home game room. Because foosball attracts players of all ages, it turns home game rooms into family rooms. However, the fine construction and durable solid wood design ensure that a foosball table, like the Reagan, enhances the appearance of the room instead of detracts from it.

Shuffleboard Game Tables

From cruise ships to home game rooms, shuffleboard remains a popular leisure-time activity. However, it can also be a historic piece of furniture for a home game room. For example, the Railyard shuffleboard table integrates wood reclaimed from century-old railroads. Therefore, each of these tables brings history into the home with a hint of the luxury of the trains of yesteryear. Combined with shuffleboard, which recalls the deck games of ocean-crossing luxury liners from the 20th century, this table provides a glance back at a time of quality and luxury.

Multiuse Game Tables

For game rooms without extra space, a multi-use game table can still provide an elegant gaming surface without needing any additional room. For instance, the Amberwood game table combines a poker table, bumper pool, and a dining table with four upholstered armchairs. The dark merlot color and construction using birth and Asian hardwoods among other materials, make this a lasting, beautiful addition to any home game room.

Outfit a Home Game Room Elegantly This Holiday Season at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Home game rooms can have rich, luxurious furnishings and gaming tables. Find a selection of long-lasting, finely crafted game tables at A&C Billiards and Barstools and rethink misconceptions about game tables and game rooms.


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