Replace Bumpers and Pockets

replace bumpers

The bumpers and pockets on your pool table won’t last forever. Even if you don’t play regularly, you should still plan on having these components replaced. If you’re not certain if it’s time to replace bumpers and pockets on your pool table, look for the following indications of wear.

Excessive Noise

New rubber bumpers the impact of the ball back into a predictable motion of the ball instead of sound or absorbing the impact. However, like the rubber in the bumper ages, it becomes less springy. When a ball hits an old bumper, it often makes a louder sound than when it strikes a new bumper. This loud noise is a result of vibrations from the ball’s impact turning into sound waves instead of returning to the ball to give it motion.

Unpredictable Bounce

The Billiards Congress of America (BCA) stipulates requirements for bumpers on approved pool tables for its tournament play. These requirements include predictable actions of balls bounced off the diamonds on the sides of the cushions. Use the chart from the BCA to see the predicted distances and angles of travel from each diamond along the sides.

Visible Wear on the Surface

Look for wear on the surface of the cushions. Physically examine each bumper by feeling for divots, areas of different texture, slopes, or loose connections to the table. If you find any of these signs of age or wear, schedule a replacement for the bumpers and pockets on your table.

What Wears Out Bumpers Faster

While standard pool table bumpers typically last for a decade or more, there are conditions that can shorten their lives. Contrary to popular belief, not playing on the table will not extend the lives of its bumpers. The bumpers age from exposure to air, excessive moisture, and temperature extremes. If you keep your pool table in a garage or unheated space, you will need to replace bumpers and pockets sooner than if you store the table in a climate-controlled room.

Contact A&C Billiards and Barstools When You Need to Replace Bumpers and Pockets on Your Pool Table

The bumpers on your pool table should respond in a predictable way. When they stop allowing the ball to correctly angle off them or show other signs of wear, contact us at A&C Billiards and Barstools for service. Our Southern California location provides services for pool tables, including pocket and bumper replacement. You can also stop by our store to see several of our available pool tables on display if you want to upgrade to a new model.


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