Questions to Ponder Before Making a Pool Table Purchase

Pool Table

Want to stack some gaming assets for your home? If so, get a pool table, especially if you are an avid pool player or just want to hone your skills in pool playing that you have been secretly passionate about in your early years. With proper care, a pool table can last for decades. However, before buying a pool table online, ask yourself the following questions:

Pool Table

Should I get a large or small table?
The table size will affect the play you’ll have. A table that’s too small would cluster the balls while a too large one would require longer shots, which can be frustrating. Therefore, you want a medium-size option; ideally an 8-foot pool table.  If you have adequate space at home, go for a 9-foot table.

Make sure there is enough space on all sides of the table to stroke the pool cue.. The last thing you want is the cue stick smacking and leaving marks on the wall when you’re taking shots.

Does the pool table come with a warranty?
Before ordering a pool table, carry out some research online to know more about the provider and the specific table you need. For example, check whether the table is sold with a guarantee.

Apart from this, consider after sale service. If the table breaks within a short time, will the seller be there to repair it? Will you be charged for house calls?

What colors should you choose?
When it comes to colors, stick to the basics. Blues and greens are the most recommended colors for pool tables as they blend well with the colored balls. Some people also prefer red tables. Any other color could be distracting. Eventually, it’s up to you to decide which colors would be best. Just make sure the color you choose would not easily stain nor show up the chalk.

The above are three questions you should ask yourself before choosing a pool table.

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