Pros and Cons of Slate Pool Tables

slate pool tables

If you’re thinking about getting a pool table, you have options for slate and slate-alternative surfaces. Which do you choose? Is a slate pool table worth it? Learn more about the pros and cons of slate pool tables to make the decision for yourself.

What Are Slate Pool Tables?

Slate is a metamorphic rock that evolves from mudstone, also known as shale. Over time, heat and pressure change the clay in mudstone into minerals such as mica, quartz, hematite, pyrite, and feldspar. The minerals align in the slate to allow it to flake off into sheets. While the most common use of slate around the world is for roofing material, it also makes an excellent surface for pool tables.

Slate pool tables typically have a single piece of stone for the surface or three pieces. differences in play between these types are minimal. And three-piece slate surfaces are easier to install or move.

Benefits of Slate Pool Tables

Unlike wood, slate does not warp, even in high humidity. Plus, since slate is a rock, the material is durable and long-lasting. Many pool table manufacturers may offer long-term or lifetime warranties on the slate surfaces of their tables. In fact, even hard jump shots don’t damage the slate.

Disadvantages of Slate Pool Tables

Slate pool tables have two main disadvantages. First, they are exceptionally heavy, weighing hundreds of pounds for the slate alone. Tables that use these surfaces are equally dense and sturdy to support them. Therefore, you need to have professional assembly of your pool table. When you move or need to have the table relocated to another room, you should also hire experts for moving the table to avoid personal injury or damage to your home.

Secondly, slate tables tend to cost more. However, the cost is offset by their longevity, which means that you will likely not need to purchase another pool table unless you want to add more to your game room.

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