Tornado Rustic



  • Patented Tornado men improved with sharper banked corners and increased cross section for better ball control and passing

  • 1.5″ thick MDF cabinet

  • Handles with rubber coating for enhanced gripping

  • 3/4″ laminate playfield with 3-color Tornado logo

  • Patented Tornado bumpers and men with revised “foot” design for more precise ball control

  • New, thinner inner bearing design does not allow the ball to be passed between the man and wall.

  • Adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers.

  • Down corner construction for rigidity and durability.

  • Patented urethane foosballs resist nicks and chips and roll true.

  • Split bearings help rods slide smoothly and allow for easy cleaning

  • Made in USA

Tornado Pro Player Package ($75 value) – included FREE with your purchase today.

  • 3 official pink/red foosballs. The colored balls are easier to see and feature a rough surface for better grip.
  • Abacus scoring unit with game count score for active play. No batteries or wall outlet needed.
  • A bottle of silicone. A fresh coat of silicone keeps your rods clean and helps attain maximum lubrication. Important for highly competitive games. Pull the rod toward you, put a drop on top of the rod (outside) and spin it back into the table. Do this on both sides. Just a few drops will change your whole game!
  • Rulebook. Contains official USTSA-VIFA Foosball rules. A neutral source of information all players can agree to follow.
  • Bearing wrench. This part also is perfectly sized to brace a foosball rod when you are tapping a roll pin in or out – for those of you looking for that wooden block.
  • Pin punch. Helpful tool for removing roll pins to replace men and handles.

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