•Solid 3″ Thick Select Kiln-Dried Hard Rock Maple Playfield with our Polymer Finish (Lifetime Warranty).

•Cradle and Legs are Solid Wood.

•Cradle Bed is Gray Carpet.

•9′ Model has 2 Legs.

•12′-16′ Models have 3 Legs.

•18′-22′ Models have 5 Legs.


•One Set of Playing Weights.

•Climate Adjusters.

•Two Bottles of Speed Powder.

•5 Inch Adjustable Leg Levelers.

•One Board Wipe.

•Playfield: 20″ wide x 3″ thick

•Cradle Width: 32″

•Table Height: 42″ to the top of the cradle

•9′-16′ Tables Have an Optional 2-Piece Removable Hard Top

•18′-22′ Tables Have an Optional 3-Piece Removable Hard Top

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