Product Spotlight: The Barnstable 12-Foot Silver Mist Shuffleboard Table

shuffleboard table

One of the products that we’re excited to bring is the new Barnstable 12-foot silver mist shuffleboard table. Be among the first to get this new full-sized table for more competitive action in your game room. With a sturdy, well-crafted style and extra-long playing surface, you’ll never regret adding this shuffleboard table to your home.

Dimensions of the Barnstable Shuffleboard Table

The Barnstable table is larger than many other tables sold. This table measures a full 12 feet long. Its playing area is 128 inches long (10-feet, 8-inches) and 20 inches wide. A three-inch-thick surface ensures the durability and integrity of the playing field. Including the cabinet, the table measures 145 inches long (12-feet, 1-inch), 33 inches wide (2 feet, 9 inches), and 32 inches high (2 feet, 8 inches).

With the table, you also get the following for play:

  • One can of wax
  • Two sets of scoring units
  • One table brush
  • Four pucks of one color
  • Four pucks of a second color (eight pucks total)

Styling of the Barnstable Shuffleboard Table

The Barnstable shuffleboard table has a timeless quality. The cabinet of this table has a construction of Douglas fir, coating to have a silver mist finish. The playing area uses aspen for its surface. The rustic silver mist finish places this table comfortably into any farmhouse-style décor. However, the scroll designs on the edge and large size also make it a luxurious addition to any room. This table can easily fit into any décor.

Play on the Barnstable Shuffleboard Table

To play on the Barnstable table may take some getting used to due to its longer size. Over time, you will appreciate the extra challenge of the long table. Explore the many games that you can play on your shuffleboard table, such as Knock Out and Crazy Eights. You won’t have any shortage of fun and enjoyment with the Barnstable table.

Find the Barnstable 12-Foot Shuffleboard Table and Many Other Game Tables at A&C Billiards and Barstools

Find out more about the Barnstable and all our other shuffleboard tables for sale at A&C Billiards and Barstools. If you live in Southern California, stop by our City of Industry storefront to see these tables and many others in person. For questions, feel free to connect with us online or over the phone at 626-810-1388.


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