A Preeminent Guide for Buying a Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard is an enjoyable game with a classic and ageless appeal. It has been around for a long time. Its history dates back to 15th century in England. It was introduced to America by the first generation English immigrants. Afterwards, it became a hit with World War II soldiers who played a crucial role in popularizing it throughout the country. It has now become one of the best table games after pool or air hockey.

Shuffleboard Table

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while buying a shuffleboard table:

Size of the Table
Before making a decision, buyers must consider the size of the shuffleboard. These should be between 16 and 20 inches in width and length should be a minimum of 9 feet to a maximum of 22 feet. If you want to buy a shuffleboard table for professional purpose, it should be 20 inches wide and 22 feet long. It is also important to assess the space available in the room where you want to place it. Mostly, the shuffleboard table requires a playing space of 3 feet at each end to walk comfortably around the table.

Shuffleboard Wood Grain
Shuffleboard tables are made of expensive wood. Mostly white maple and North American maple wood are used to manufacture them. These tables are hard, sturdy, durable and less likely to be affected by climatic or weather conditions. Other popular wood varieties are Canadian soft maple and Russian birch. The least expensive shuffleboard tables are made of China Birch, rubber wood and poplar.

Surface Finish
The playing surface of shuffleboard table or the finish is very important. The quality of finish affects the quality of the game while the game is on. Top quality polymer coating should be used for the top coating. The expensive tables offer a lifetime guarantee on their polymer coating. Polymer surfaces are preferred as they provide a shiny, smooth and gliding finish.

Design of the Table
To reduce the likelihood of puck sliding off the side of the board, these tables are designed with a slight concave curve. Climatic adjusters can be attached to the underside of the board to ensure the correct curve on the wood. If you want to use your shuffleboard table for a longer run, you should purchase the table that comes with a climatic adjuster.

Consider these factors to get the best shuffleboard table for your game!

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