Pool Tips: Factors Affecting Sidespin


When you apply sidespin or english to your cue ball, how the ball moves depends on multiple factors. Appreciating the impact these things have on the ball’s movement will help to make you a better pool player. When practicing your tip placement for improving sidespin, consider using a striped ball to verify positioning of your cue tip. Plus, don’t forget these factors in how the ball responds.

Tip Placement and Force on the Ball

Where you place the tip and how much force you have behind the cue determine the sidespin you put on the ball. For instance, you can increase sidespin if you use a drag shot. However, you must use caution when placing the tip to ensure that you maximize your accuracy.

Chalking on the Cue Tip and Ball

How much chalk you have on the cue tip and how much ends up on the ball also impact the ball’s reaction to a shot. If you use too much chalk that it gets over the cue ball, the added friction on the ball will negatively impact its trajectory. Plus, the extra chalk on the ball can contaminate the pool table cloth.

Pool Table Cloth

Over time, your pool table cloth will wear out. If you don’t wipe off chalk after every game, the chalk can build, increasing friction on the balls during the game. Plus, if you allow the cloth to wear to the point of developing worn or frayed spots, the ball will not act normally over these places. If you find that your cloth has seen better days, contact us for pool cloth replacement to improve play on your table.

Pool Table Levelness

If you’ve recently moved your pool table or set it up yourself, you may have not pieced it back together with a level playing surface. While many pool tables have a single piece of slate for the surface, some have a heavy playing surface in several pieces. Not putting the pool table together properly or ensuring the legs are level can make playing unpredictable. Get professional assembly and moving services from us to ensure a level playing area.

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