Pool Table Services

pool table services

Buying a pool table is only the first step. Maintaining that table requires a life of caretaking. However, table owners don’t have to do all the work themselves. With pool table services available, they can turn the chores of pool table care to professionals to get well-cared-for tables that last longer and play better.

Pool Table Services: Relocating Because You Cannot Move a Pool Table Alone

Our pool table services include moving the table between rooms or to another home. The solid wood and slate design of many pool tables make picking them up dangerous for those who don’t know how to properly disassemble and move the table. Our professionals can safely move the table where you need it without causing damage to the surface or to your home.

Pool Table Services: Table Upgrades to Improve Play on Your Existing Table

Pool table upgrades or replacements are another of the services we offer. Instead of buying a new pool table when yours wears from play, consider upgrades instead. For instance, the pockets and bumpers may wear out over time, reducing the spin the ball gets when it hits the sides. Replacing these can restore lively play to the pool table.

Another type of upgrade is cloth replacement to restore the surface. Not using a pool table covering, not cleaning off the balls after play, or failing to use correct cleaning methods can wear out the cloth, affecting the trajectory of balls in play.

Pool Table Service: Table Assembly and Tune-Ups for Better Play from Day One

Setting up a pool table is not a job for anyone other than a professional. Trust our experts to set up your table in your home to ensure that the components do not sustain damage during the process and the table is level and ready for play.

If during your ownership of the table, you need to have the table releveled or otherwise tuned up, contact us to set up this service.

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