Pool Table Moving Tips

Whether you want to rearrange the location of your home gaming tables or must move into a new home, your pool table needs special attention. Pool table moving should not be something that you attempt on your own, especially if you don’t know how to properly relocate the table. Before you take apart your table, read through these pool table moving tips to do the job done properly and avoid damage to your table.

Take Measurements

Before moving anything, take measurements of all the doorways and the space where you will set up the pool table after moving it. Compare the measurements of doors, stairways, and rooms that the pool table parts will pass through. Also, make sure that you have enough space to set up the pool table and have enough room around it for play.

Contact a Professional for Pool Table Moving

Though some may argue that they can move a pool table with some friends, don’t try to do this. The slate surfaces of tables is very heavy and delicate. Also, if you don’t take the table apart and replace the parts correctly, you will experience negative impacts on your gameplay.

Among our many services at A&C Billiards and Barstools is pool table moving and adjusting. We can move your pool table safely and make sure that the parts have proper installation and adjustment for a level surface.

Why a Moving Company May Not Be the Best Choice

If you want to move your pool table, you might think that a moving company can help. However, the movers at the company may not have the proper knowledge of correctly disassembling and assembling the table. Even if the company has insurance to cover damage to a pool table caused by the movers, you will still have to spend time making the claim and replacing your table. Have a company that knows about pool table moving methods do the job for you.

Contact A&C Billiards and Barstools for Professional Pool Table Moving Services

If you need to move your pool table in southern California, contact us at A&C Billiards and Barstools to learn more about our services and how we can help you to safely get your pool table moved.


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