Pool Table Etiquette You Need to Follow

Pool Table Etiquette

When playing pool, it is important to have proper etiquette to avoid stepping on other players’ toes. During a game, emotions can run high and result in shouting, slaps, broken bottles, and other unwanted outcomes. When playing in a bar, maintain your cool and playing etiquette to ensure everyone at the table has a great time, regardless of the outcome of the game.

Pool Table Etiquette

Below is a list of pool table etiquette you should follow:

  1. Don’t place your drinks on the table
    Putting your drinks on the pool table is bad behavior. The drinks take space and can easily spill as you move around the table. If you are playing while drinking, place your bottles on a counter near the pool table.

  2. Give your opponent space when it’s their turn
    When it’s time for your opponent’s turn, avoid hovering around him or bending on the table trying to determine the shots he’s likely to take. Stay away from the table; you’ll have your chance to play.

  3. Avoid distractions, both on purpose or by accident
    Purposefully distracting your opponent by making noises or actions is amateurish and of poor taste. Would you like the same things to be done when it’s your time to shoot?

  4. Jumpshots are a No! No!
    If you have not mastered the jumpshot, don’t play it during a game. You don’t want to launch the ball out of the table or end up scratching the surface or ruining your cue stick as you try to make the shot.

  5. Challenger or loser buys the next game
    It’s common practice for the challenger or loser to pay for the next game. Even if you are more skilled than the current winner at on the table you want to play at, pay for the new game since you are the challenger.

  6. Avoid small talk
    Some players need to concentrate when shooting pool. If you are talking to your opponent and they are giving you one-word responses, this is a cue to cut the small talk.

The above are some pool table etiquette you should follow.

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