Pool Table Cloth Importance

pool table cloth

The pool table cloth does more than make the table look good. This piece of material is more important to your gameplay than you may appreciate. In fact, a worn cloth on the pool table’s surface could negatively impact the predictability of your ball’s movement, reducing the enjoyment of the game.

Why Is Pool Table Cloth Important?

The pool table cloth provides a smooth covering for the ball to travel over during play. Any imperfections in the surface of the cloth can change the trajectory of a ball’s travel. However, even in well-made cloth, the type of material can determine the amount of friction the ball encounters.

Pool table cloth creates a pair of different forces on balls in play. The first force, sliding friction determines how long a ball will spin. Slick cloth allows for a longer spin than sticky cloth. Next, rolling resistance dictates how long balls will roll over the surface. Fast cloth lets balls roll longer and travel farther before stopping than slow cloth.

Clearly, the billiards table cloth is more important to gameplay than just serving as a colorful backdrop. Therefore, you need to take care of it and have it replaced when it shows signs of wear.

Signs of Billiards Table Cloth Wear

There are several indications that your billiards table cloth needs replacement. First, look at the surface of the felt. Do you see pieces of material on the surface? These indicate wear from the felt breaking apart. Another indication that you need to replace the cloth is if you can feel pilling from the felt. Visible breaks or scratches in the felt, of course, necessitate a new cloth. Lastly, if you can pull up portions of the cloth, it’s time to get a new cloth.

Things to Avoid to Keep Your Pool Table Cloth in Top Shape

To keep your cloth in good condition as long as possible, always brush off the balls and felt after play. Chalk accumulating on either surface can wear away the felt. Also, regularly retip the cues that you use. Playing with worn tips or using cues without tips can scratch the table fabric. Never use the pool table surface for anything other than the game materials. Also, keep the table covered when not in use.

Trust Your Pool Table Cloth Replacement to A&C Billiards and Barstools

When you need pool table cloth replacement, let us know at A&C Billiards and Barstools in Southern California. We offer many different brands, colors, and materials for the cloth replacement to ensure that you get stellar, expected gameplay after the new cloth installation. Treat your pool table well and you’ll get many years of enjoyment from it in return.


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